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Our Capabilities

Cyber Intelligence

Coinnect Cyber Intelligence platform combines proprietary data with open and closed sources to provide real-time insights on potential cyber threats, enabling businesses to proactively manage their cyber-security posture with confidence and insurers to have superior capabilities for risk assessment and mitigation of their prospects and clients. We collect and analyze advanced Cyber Intelligence data related to Ransomware, Vulnerabilities, Exfiltrated Credentials, Infected Assets, Data Breaches, Lookalike Domains and much more. Our Data are a key part of our platform and APIs.

Ransomware Data
Data Breaches
Lookalike Domains
Assessment Service
Intelligence Service


Coinnect simplifies cyber risk assessment with proprietary data, methodology and algorithms that deliver near real-time Cyber Security Ratings supported by detailed technical evidences. Our platform enables Insurers to perform fast Cyber Risk assessments of small and medium-sized businesses, mid-enterprises and also retail clients. We do not only provide ratings but advanced Cyber Intelligence informations and data to support risk assessments and qualified analysis with prospects and clients. Assessments can be delivered with our platform or fully integrated into existing tools and processes with our APIs.

Advanced report
Realtime data


Coinnect Cyber Risk Mitigation offering is engineered to be bundled within insurance policies and provides different levels of protection and technologies to proactively manage cyber risk. Our comprehensive approach provides confidence in cybersecurity posture for small and medium-sized businesses, mid-enterprises enabling insurers to proactively protect their insured clients and significantly reduce the number of claims. Bundling advanced Cyber Risk mitigation services within policies allow insurers to make their proposition more attractive and their business more profitable.

Proactive Risk Monitoring
Insurance Policies
Mitigation Service
Response Service


Coinnect Cyber Incident and Claims Response offering provides 24x7 support and advanced technologies for fast understanding of risk and is built to deliver effective preparation, identification, containment, eradication, recovery, ransomware support, forensics, and post-incident activities. Our experience dealing with complex cases and Ransomware attacks, and cooperating with leading loss-adjusters and cyber insurers, allowed us to build a proprietary methodology and platform to support during Cyber incidents with the objective to reduce time for recovery, business interruptions and costs for affected clients and insurers.

Incident response 24/7

All in one Cyber Insurtech Platform
with unique capabilities

We are able to bring our model, proprietary data and platform but also our technical understanding
of Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurtech market trends to help innovate Cyber Insurance offering.

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